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On the far right is Karl Asplund, Founder of Troop 1

On the far right is Karl Asplund, Founder of Troop 1


Troop 1 at the Karl Asplund Memorial

Troop 1 at the Karl Asplund Memorial


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S.M.S for 7 - 4

Posted by swolfgram on Jul 4 2021 - 10:32pm

Good evening everyone 

This week we have a boat load of info to go over.  Summer Camp is coming up fast and I want to make sure everyone is starting to get ready. 
Monday meeting 7 - 5
Good Templar Park 6p
For this Monday meeting we will be having a two hour meeting.  If you are going to be coming to summer camp you MUST be at this meeting.  We will be going through the trailer and making sure we have everything that we need for the trip.  If you have any equipment that you would like to bring at that time please bring it to the meeting and we can put it in the trailer.  At the same time that the trailer is being cleaned and prepared we will be collecting the paperwork.
Any Non-Perishable food items you want to bring should be CLEARLY marked with your name on the package / container.  Please make sure it is in a sealed container or ziplock type bag for freshness and critter control. You can bring it to the meeting for storage in the trailer or bring it along in your vehicle.  Remember... It must be stored in the trailer after we get to camp.
No food items are allowed in your tent.
If you bring any electronic devices, YOU are responsible for their safekeeping.  This includes cell phones.
On Sunday when we meet up at the clerk's office we will put the rest of the personal gear in the trailer before we go.
We need three pieces of paperwork for the camp.
1. The BSA med form ABC
2. The BSA Permission slip
3. The TFC C-19 pre-camp paper. (this needs to be done the day we go)
I will attach each at the bottom of this letter.
Troop One Class B's for 2021
This past week Mrs. Polly collected our 2021 class B's and they look very nice.  We will be tie-dyeing them after the trailer cleaning.  If you ordered one and DON'T want it dyed please let us know and we can keep yours white (not dyed).
Updated camp info
We have a 3:00p camp check in time on Sunday the 11th.
We will need to depart from the clerk's office about 11:00a to be able to stop for lunch and arrive with time to spare.

Health Assessments & Camp Cleaning

July troop Scoop

Posted by swolfgram on Jul 1 2021 - 8:38pm

The Scoop

s.m.s for 6 - 27

Posted by swolfgram on Jun 27 2021 - 8:49pm

Good evening everyone 

S.M.S for 6 - 13

Posted by swolfgram on Jun 13 2021 - 10:14pm
Good evening everyone 
I want to say thank you to everyone that was able to come to todays Eagle Court of Honor.  Congratulations again to Jack, Brock, Mitchell, Carson and Josh.
Monday meeting 6 - 14 P.L.C & C.M
This month's Patrol Leader Council and Committee Meeting will be held at Good Templar Park (park side).  The P.L.C will begin at 6p and the C.M will start directly following it at 7p.  This is something everyone should attend.
Please plan on attending in person as we will not be using the zoom channel during the summer months.  During the summer we will only be using the zoom channel in case of emergency.
Topics for each meeting may include but are not limited to
Camp Kane day - review
Memorial day - review
High Adventure - review
Summer camp - at C.F.L 7-11 - 7-17
New fundraising possibilities - update
New meeting events and locations
camping, when, where, how.
Summer Camp 2021
I hope everyone is getting ready for the troops next big adventure of the season, our return to Camp Freeland Leslie. This year by popular demand we will be going to Camp Freeland Leslie for our summer camp experience.  If you have not selected merit badge classes or cannot decide on what classes to take please let us know as soon as possible.  Classes fill up fast but there may be one or two slots unfilled there we may be able to slide you in to.
Class B shirts for the summer
We are starting to take orders for our Class B shirts and your preferred sizes. Attached to the letter is a document for you to place an order for your 2021 troop one Class B shirt.  My suggestion is if you wear small, order medium. If you wear medium order large and so on.
Most of the shirts you get now you are going to grow into.  If the link does not work let us know.
2021 Fundraiser

If you have any money collected please bring it to the next meeting.  I want to make sure that you are credited for what you have sold as of now.  We have a few show and sell's coming up to give everyone a chance to make some money this summer. 

S.M.S for 5 -30

Posted by swolfgram on May 31 2021 - 12:08am
Good evening everyone
If you have not seen it yet here is a repost from this week's Midweek update
Memorial Day Flag Ceremony 6:45a sharp 

Mid-week program update

Posted by swolfgram on May 26 2021 - 9:31pm
Good evening everyone 
In this Mid-week update there is a lot to go over.  With Memorial Day and our Ohio trip pretty much back-to-back I wanted to give everyone a chronological order breakdown for the next week.  
Saturday the 29th 9a - 12p
Troop one will be in placing flags on the graves of veterans in Union cemetery.
1200 N 5th Ave, St. Charles, IL 60174
Union cemetery is across the road from Bethlehem Lutheran Church just north on Route 25.  We will be working with the American Legion to make sure that every veteran is recognized and not forgotten. This is a service project so you will earn service hours for your time.  This is a CLASS A EVENT!   Please arrive at Union Cemetery at 9:00 a.m. for a short briefing.
Sunday evening setup at the veterans center 
Because we want to have all the tables set and ready to go for Monday morning we have access to the veteran center from 6p to 7p Sunday evening.  We will be setting up some tables, chairs and prepping the area for Monday's breakfast.  Please attend if you can, it should only take an hour or less depending on the amount of help we can get.    The veterans center is located at 311 N 2nd St, St. Charles, IL 60174
Memorial Day Flag Ceremony 6:45a sharp 

BSA Troop 1

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