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On the far right is Karl Asplund, Founder of Troop 1

On the far right is Karl Asplund, Founder of Troop 1


Troop 1 at the Karl Asplund Memorial

Troop 1 at the Karl Asplund Memorial


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May Troop Scoop

Posted by swolfgram on May 2 2021 - 9:32pm

May scoop

S.M.S for 5 - 2

Posted by swolfgram on May 2 2021 - 8:47pm
Good Evening Everyone

I would like to thank everyone that was able to come to our trailer wap day. Attached below is the link to our Facebook page and if you have not seen the pictures that were taken yesterday please check them out and you will be amazed at how the trailer looks now.  I will also attach the driver's side and nose pictures in case you just want the jist of it. 

Weekend trailer wrap and merit badge

Posted by swolfgram on Apr 28 2021 - 8:43pm

Good evening everyone 

This weekend after many years of trying to coordinate it, Troop One is finally able to get the trailer wrapped and ready to go.   
The trailer wrap is effectively a gigantic sticker that is attached to the trailer giving it more character than it has ever seen.
During the event we will also be working on the Entrepreneurship Merit Badge. If you have already started on this badge or have never started on it, you can get major portions of the badge completed within the day.
This Saturday we will be meeting up at  

Banner Up Signs

S.M.S for 4 - 25 the post camp-out (really) late night edition

Posted by swolfgram on Apr 26 2021 - 1:06am

Good evening everyone 

I would like to thank everyone that was able to come down to Springfield and participate in our version of Lincoln's Pilgrimage.  Even with a lot of the common tourist locations closed in Springfield we were able to come up with a fun and interesting hike downtown. 
The most popular of all locations Saturday was of course the Lincoln presidential museum.  Even if you have been to the museum multiple times like I have you always find something new to read or a new video to watch. 
Our next objective was going downtown for a micro urban hike.  For the first time in my life I finally got to see the state capitol building up close.  Although we did not have the ability to go inside we did get to go around the grounds and get a better sense of its size and scale.  Our afternoon hike culminated in a visit to a candy store and to pay our respects to the 16th president at his monument.  
After everything that we were able to do this weekend I believe it truly goes to show that even in the strangest of times you can make something out of nothing.  All you have to do is have a little imagination and the guts to do it.
Monday Meeting 4 - 26
We will NOT be having the in person meeting this week.   I want you to be able to relax and kick back a little bit. We Will however be having a light online meeting Monday evening.  We will be going over the reviews from the camp-out and seeing what we did correctly and what could be improved upon.  We will also be going over the possible camp-outs and day outings this coming summer and into the fall. 
We have a plethora of possibilities coming up.  Let's keep the ideas going and have a little fun in the meantime.

Tune in with your preferred mode of communication via our zoom channel.  Below is the link to the Zoom channel.  I will send it out again tomorrow afternoon just in case you forget

Mid-week program update

Posted by swolfgram on Apr 21 2021 - 9:25pm

Good evening everyone 

For tonight's midweek update I'm sending out the final details for troop one's version of Lincoln's pilgrimage. This letter should have all of the details and paperwork for this weekend.  If there are any questions from any of the participants let me know and I will hopefully be able to find you an answer.
Please remember to eat something before you leave, bring dinner with or have eaten something before coming.  There are options in Petersburg if you want to grab a bite when you get there.
Weekend Weather
As of the most recent forecast it will be a high in the low 60's and a low in the 30's with a few showers in the morning and evening.  Pack a raincoat and some blankets for the evening.
Permission slip 
Attached to the bottom of this letter is the permission slip for the camp-out. As with past outings I must have a signed permission slip for those attending. When we meet up at the campground, I will have extra's with me if you need one.
Lincoln's new salem village 
We will be camping at Lincoln's New Salem village just south of Petersburg Illinois. The address is  15588 History Ln, Petersburg, IL 62675
Attached below is a copy of the campground map. 
Please note that all of the flaws in this map are from the State and not my wonky computer.  Here's the link https://www.dnr.illinois.gov/Parks/Documents/Lincoln%27sNewSalem.pdf
Departure time
Our departure times are going to vary from person to person this time.  Some of our group will be leaving in the early afternoon and some by the late evening. Since we are essentially going as a group, if there are any updates or delays in departure times for whatever the reason, please let me know.
Class A uniform and book
Because this will be an official troop event please remember to bring your full class A uniform and your scout book.  We will be using them both during the weekend so don't forget either of them.
This is this weekend's agenda put together by Wyatt.

- Wake up at 7a
- Prepare breakfast to be eaten at 830
- 830 - 9a meal and cleanup camp
- 9a leave for downtown Springfield
- 945 arrive in downtown Springfield
- 10a head to Lincoln museum
- 10a -12p spend time in Lincoln museum 
- 12p -1p lunch
- 1p -3p gallivant downtown Springfield
- 3p head to Lincoln’s tomb
- 315 arrive at Lincoln’s tomb
- 315 - 4p pay respects to Lincoln and tour the graves
- 4p return to camp
- 445 arrive at camp
- 445 - 630 free time / work time
- 630 dinner
- 8p - 11p free time / work time
- 11 lights out

S.M.S for 4 - 18

Posted by swolfgram on Apr 18 2021 - 9:36pm
Good evening everyone 
Now for the weekly news that you need to know.  
Some of it you probably didn't need to know, but it's always a good thing to know what you do and do not need.    If you know what I know and I know that you know that what I know is going to be something useful, then knowing what I know beyond a need to know basis, is accomplished.  
 So let's make sure you know this stuff.
Lincoln's pilgrimage 4 - 23-25
This week we will be going over our plans for next weekend's camp-out.  I hope to have almost all the details finished off by the end of the meeting Monday night.  Locations agreed on, menus planned and departing times set. The coming weekend as of now looks a little rainy but we are still a week out from what may or may not happen weather wise.  Whatever the weather and whatever the situation we will make the best of it and make our own fun when applicable.
 This week's meeting will be at Saint Marks Church starting at 7 o'clock.
 If you cannot be there in person but are still going to go on next weekend's camp out I can send you a zoom link and patch you in for the planning portion of the meeting.
Summer Camp Update - (Re-post from this week's Midweek update)
A change of date
The question was brought up whether we have the ability to change the date on which week we attend summer camp.  I talked to Patrick at T.F.C hq and he said that there is a site available the week of June 27th - July 3rd and another one the week of July 11th - 17th.  We would not be in the Shiloh camp site but that would not be a big deal. 
Summer Camp Coordinator
I need someone from the troop to step up and run point on summer camp prep. This point person would have to.   
• Schedule the scouts merit badge classes.  
• Collect the youth and adult medical forms. 
• Coordinate travel plans to and from camp.  
This coordinator does not have to attend summer camp with us but it is a plus if they attend as well.  This position MUST be filled no later than May 1st.  This will give that person the ability to have everything taken care of in a reasonable amount of time.
Troop leadership 
In order for the troop to be able to go to summer camp (C.F.L or other) we need at least four adult leaders present during the week.  The BSA requires us to have at least two registered leaders at any regular camp-out or day outing.  Because summer camp is classified as an extended trip (something lasting greater than 72 hours)  We would need to have three or four registered leaders present to be on the safe side.   Historically speaking we always have between three and four registered leaders present at any summer camp.  A registered leader is either an assistant scoutmaster or committee member who has completed the youth protection training (YPT), background check and has submitted the position specific paperwork.  Just being a parent volunteer in this situation does not qualify as an adult leader.  

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