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On the far right is Karl Asplund, Founder of Troop 1

On the far right is Karl Asplund, Founder of Troop 1


Troop 1 at the Karl Asplund Memorial

Troop 1 at the Karl Asplund Memorial


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S.M.S for 10 - 25

Posted by swolfgram on Oct 26 2020 - 1:33am
Good evening everyone 
As everyone has probably noticed by now Kane County is back in phase 3 for a couple of weeks.  As far as troop one is concerned we will continue to have in person meetings either at the Campton Hills community center or any location that is willing to have us.  As of now we are small enough troop to continue to do in person meetings for the foreseeable future.  I guess being a small troop is a blessing at this time rather than a curse.
Older scouts where are you?
As the title says older scouts where are you?  For the past few months we  haven't seen hide nor hair of you and I'm wondering why?  What is the hold up?  Why are you not attending meetings? This is an open question so when you get thus letter, please let me know.  For some of you I know the reason and these are acceptable excuses.  The rest of you, at least let me know what is going on.  Even during this virus issue we have a lot of good things going on and coming up.  We need our older scout leadership structure and would really appreciate your assistance and knowledge.  Our younger scouts would really benefit from your help.

Monday meeting 10 - 26

Newest Eagle Scouts

Posted by swolfgram on Oct 23 2020 - 9:06pm
Good evening everyone 

I am happy to announce that on this night Brock Donati and Josh Kolodziej have each earned their Eagle scout awards.

S.M.S for 10 - 18

Posted by swolfgram on Oct 18 2020 - 8:10pm
Good evening everyone 

One of the oldest sayings is that "it's as easy as riding a bicycle all you've got to do is hop on and petal".  Well I'm here to tell you that that adage is incorrect.  In preparation for our bike trip on Saturday morning I tested out my bicycle just to make sure that I still knew how to ride.  I had not been on a bicycle for about a decade.  It was a rather harrowing experience.  I bounced off the recycle bin and almost plowed into the oak tree.  I would respectfully ask the guy that came up with that saying to go take a hike, because he's obviously never ridden a bicycle.

Mid week update - new plan bike hike

Posted by swolfgram on Oct 14 2020 - 7:38pm

Good evening everyone 

Because we were not able to get enough participants for a camp-out to the sparta bike trail we will be holding a bike hike on the Great Western Trail this Saturday morning.   We will be meeting at the Campton Hills Community Center at 10a Saturday morning for a 10 mile bike hike.

S.M.S. for 10 - 11

Posted by swolfgram on Oct 11 2020 - 9:27pm

Good evening everyone

It's time to play the music, It's time to light the lights, It's time to read my message in the S.M.S tonight.  There're things you probably didn't know, There're things I know you've never seen, so come on read this message and discover them with me.  Please read on to the end,  I promise it's not long,  And now that's the end of this silly starter song.
If you're asking why I did the opening to the theme of The Muppet Show the easiest answer is... I wanted to...so 
Let's get to it.
2nd Monday P.L.C. and Special meeting
This Monday we will be holding a Patrol Leaders Council (P.L.C) and Troop Meeting (T.M) at our new fall meeting location.  Everyone is invited to attend both meetings no matter who you are. Please come and participate.  The Campton Hills Community center is located at
5N082 Old Lafox Rd, St. Charles, IL 60175
As usual our P.L.C will begin at 6:00 and the T.M will begin almost right after that.  This Monday we will be specifically talking about our upcoming bike hike in central Wisconsin.  We need more people to sign up or give their regrets on this camp out.  We need a minimum 3 scouts to sign up for the camp-out. 
All information will be at the meeting Monday night.
A message from the C.C - J.P. ( if you didn't see it yet)

We'll be skipping this month's formal committee meeting as I'll be having knee replacement surgery on Monday 10/12.  If anyone has any topics for discussion other than what we have planned for October, please let me know...

S.M.S. for 10 - 4

Posted by swolfgram on Oct 4 2020 - 8:32pm

Good evening everyone 

Indoor meetings are upon us once again and with it comes our new meeting schedule, locations and dress code. From now until next May our dress code is once again class-A with a good pair of pants.  Please refrain from wearing athletic pants or sweats while wearing the class-A shirt.   Going forward we will be meeting at the Campton Hills Community Center located at
5N082 Old Lafox Rd, St. Charles, IL 60175.  We will be putting together a few field meetings as well over the next few weeks to keep things fresh and everyone on their toes. 
Monday meeting 10 - 5

This Monday we have a very special field meeting at the LeRoy Oaks nature center starting at 6p - 7:15p.  This is an after hours tour of the nature center and something we have never done in the context of a meeting before.  The nature center is the first main building you come across when entering the forest preserve.  If you have never been there before follow the road into the forest preserve and follow the signs. The nature center will be on your left hand side.  This will (hopefully) be the last early meeting for a while, excluding the P.L.C's. 

BSA Troop 1

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